the city that never sleeps…

well well. it turns out that moving to new york city was the perfect step in my ever upward spiral staircase of a life. while i was pining away in los angeles surrounded by fake girls, it turns out there was a whole city full of people who adore art, truth & beauty, just waiting for me to arrive. i feel more inspired now that i’ve moved to new york than i’ve ever felt before. especially when it comes to music. as a life-long writer & singer, i have always had an appreciation and love for music that could never quite be equaled by other activities. i finally resigned myself to the idea that music has to be at the heart of everything i do, or i’ll never fully be satisfied. this blog is simply another step in that direction. aside from helping me feel whole as a person, the other goal of this blog is to spread the word about the spectacular music that is being made all around the world. as i myself am based out of new york, i plan to cover a lot of local artists and bands, but i won’t hesitate to post anything from any corner of the universe if it is truly great art. i’ll close with some lines from the inspiration for the blog title, “bleecker street” by simon & garfunkel:

the poet reads his crooked rhyme / holy holy is his sacrament / $30 dollars pays your rent / on bleecker street

i’ve always been fascinated with bleecker street and new york in general. now that i’m actually here i just want to channel that fascination out to the rest of the world, so they can have some tiny taste of this great gorgeous big apple.


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the poet reads his crooked rhyme / holy holy is his sacrament / $30 pays your rent / on bleecker street.
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1 Response to the city that never sleeps…

  1. Carmen says:

    I love everything you’re doing. but next time, take me with you!

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