Snowmine – Laminate Pet Animal

This review was originally published at Listen Before You Buy.

When trying to sum up the fullness and wonder of Snowmine’s sound, the word I keep coming back to is luscious. True to their name, the crystalline harmonies and melodies of this Brooklyn quintet are icy, and blanket the listener in a coat of sound. The stormy urgency of lead vocalist Grayson Sanders’ voice is flanked by enough synthesized and  mesmerizing sound to set even the most seasoned listener’s head spinning. The communion of vocals and cacophony of electronic and instrumental noise is at its height on songs like the chorus-driven opener ‘Beast In Air Beast In Water’ and the melancholy ‘Let Me In’.

What separates their debut album “Laminate Pet Animal“ from other electronic pop records though (aside from its endless possibilities for anagrams of course), is its brazen diversity. Yet, each track is crafted with equal measures of taste, tact and grace, both delivered with the same earnestness and musical prowess. It is these elements in their music that have caused me to  talk incessantly about this record, to nearly anyone who would listen, since the time I first heard it.

Watching the recent Shaking Through session that featured Snowmine furthered my respect for the band. The video follows them through a 48-hour period in which they must successfully write and record a new song. The synergy and creativity that these five men have when they work together is clearly seen in the video, and the song they produce, entitled ‘Curfews’, is just as compelling and beautiful as the rest of their pre-existing work.

If nothing else, give them a listen over at their Bandcamp page; if you like what you hear, come see them live at The Cake Shop on December 8th. Seeing them live is a delight, as Sanders moves around the stage almost as much as a quarterback moves around the pocket during a blitz. Let’s just say the boys put on a fully sensory show, the same energy felt in the music is even more palpable when one is physically present.

Plus, it is nice to see a band whose unaffected joy in the music they’re making comes across in an organic and sincere manner, instead of the pretense and nonsense that seems to be rampant in contemporary culture. Snowmine is one of those rare bands who realize that when making art that is really a reflection of themselves, it can stand alone without needless trappings.

Get to know Snowmine: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud


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