Pree – Folly

This review was originally published at Listen Before You Buy.

Although I can say I have rarely heard anything like it, that doesn’t mean that the latest album from D.C. based band Pree is changing my life. Rather, this chirpy little merry-go-round of a record, “Folly”, is slowly but surely seeping into my good graces, as though through the crack under the door to my heart.

There are times during the album when I feel like I am at the tea party in Alice In Wonderland. That’s not to say that the music is psychedelic, but more that it is chaotic, colorful, almost childish in its loops and swirls of sound, though not lacking in polish. The unique sound of the band is, if nothing else, interesting to listen to for the very musical madness it contains.

Honestly, it is just the kind of thing I would expect from Paper Garden Records, a small Brooklyn label that embraces off-kilter and beautifully crafted projects. Full disclosure, I have been interning for the label during this past fall, but truthfully, what drew me to stay on with them into the winter is the sheer diversity of acts such as Pree.

May Tabol, previously of Le Loup, is the band’s front-woman on vocals, guitar and piano. The group are truly multi-talented as during a typical show members swap instruments several times, and even draw upon eclectic items such as a saw and a metal chair. It seems the band truly draw elements of every day life into their music in such a way that makes songs like ‘Fresh Paint’ sound fresh upon every listen.

Another stand out track is ‘Lemon Tree’, driven by back up oohs and doos, plinking piano and Tabol’s voice winding through the center of the track with imagery-laden phrasing, remaining somehow both relaxed and intense.

Recorded in bedrooms, houses nearing eviction (or already past it) and in pieces, the album teeters on the edge of folk-breakdown, but the patchwork of sound somehow retains the beauty of a quilt in it’s combination of elements. Certainly give this DC based band a listen, they will sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Stream ‘Lemon Tree’ below!

Get to know Pree: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


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