Nice To Meet You – Abadabad

This review was originally published at Listen Before You Buy.

I didn’t know how lovely looping could be until I listened to the Brooklyn-based band Abadabad. Their enveloping music was first brought to my attention in September 2011 during CMJ by Andrianna Albert, the beautiful blogger behind Gluttony Is The New Black, but since then it has become increasingly clear to me that this group is one to keep an eye on.

With trippy beats, sparkling guitar parts and wandering, woozy vocals, Abadabad sounds kind of like a daydream brought to life. The tracks that have been released all have a certain sadness in them though, like a beach day rained out. Songs like ‘Park Slope’ contain that intricate mix between bright sounding music and sad sounding lyrics that creates an interesting tension, I find myself returning to their songs in another attempt to decode whether they’re actually happy or sad.

‘California Birds’ exemplifies this trait too, as lead singer Jeremy Lee Given croons “I think she’s going solo/ But I know that she’ll miss her man”, but he sounds so blase its hard to tell if he’ll miss her too. Interestingly enough, all the singles that Abadabad have released sound much more like the output of an LA-based band than the typical Brooklyn group. The shimmering, mirage-like sounds seem a far cry from the imposing winters of the east coast, but most of the members of Abadabad actually attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

No matter where they hail from, or what geographical location Given writes about, the songs take chillwave and turn it into something accessible and memorable. ‘Indiana’ which is subtitled “An open letter to Michael Jackson” channels the brightness of a million summer days, but has lyrics dark enough to mourn the death of America’s biggest popstar.

The band haven’t set a release date for their debut EP yet, but it will be sometime in early spring. Titled ‘Watermelon Death Safari’ if it sounds anything like these delicious, summery tracks then it will be colorful, sweet, and a little quirky. If concert ticket sales are any indication, these guys are going to get big pretty quickly here; their next show, this Friday, January 13th at The Glasslands in Williamsburg is already sold out. Still, if you can’t see them live, at least you can stream ‘Park Slope’ & ‘California Birds’ below.

Get to know Abadabad: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

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