Nice To Meet You – Warm Weather

I just had the opportunity of seeing Warm Weather play live at the exfm and Knox Road showcase at Pianos last Friday night. They were just as great in person as their music is! So here are a few thoughts I had about their music, which I really, really like.

This review was originally published at Listen Before You Buy.

Warm Weather are exactly what you want them to be – a dancey synth pop LA based band with plenty of boyish charm and heart-crushing soaring harmonies. I was first introduced to their heartthrob drum beats and looping silvery harmonies by Lydia from Sunset In The Rearview.

It was their EP “Dances” that I heard initially, and I was completely mesmerized by the twirling synth sounds, only to be distracted from these by quilted vocals in so many parts, perfectly stitched together. I honestly couldn’t choose a favorite off of the short five track EP, but I think ‘I Only Know’ is the one I return to the most. The flickering synth lick at the beginning of this track sets my ears on fire every time I listen. But then I listen to ‘The Dance’ again and I find myself dancing, even though I hate dancing, and I realize that deciding between songs really is impossible as soon as I hear ‘Older’ again. Basically what I’m saying is, these guys make some damn catchy pop music.

Then, just when I’d already been reeled in, the guys release a new EP this very month. Entitled “Looking Through”, it almost sounds like a continuation of their work on “Dances”, and complements it well. The opening track, ‘All My Life’, is a more hushed and ballad-like song, featuring the same gorgeous vocals and highlighted with a strong backbone of organ music. In another song, ‘Bull Run’, the spaced-out on-beat repetitive “oh’s” and “ah’s” hold as much wonder, communication and impact as any sung out lyrics, as the band uses their voices solely as instruments alone to tell the story.

You will find traces of any good pop you’ve ever loved in these Warm Weather EPs, especially those that come littered with vocal harmonies. From the moments that sound purely Freddie Mercury and Queen on ‘Older’ to hints of The Beach Boys on ‘Stay’, these guys are building upon a tradition that is much older than they are, but succeed in making it sound young and fresh.

Speaking of young and fresh, whenever I start thinking I could use some warm weather myself, (the wind chill factor in Brooklyn has been a little harsh lately), I throw these guys on, they live up to their name and their sunny hometown of Los Angeles, bringing light and heat into bouncing and beautiful songs.

Get to know Warm Weather: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

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