Nice To Meet You – Max And The Moon

I can never say enough about how much I owe to Listen Before You Buy, not only for getting me hooked on blogging, supporting me in my own endeavors, and introducing me to some of the greatest music I’ve ever heard. One such band that I recently found through LBYB editor Frank’s careful curation is Max And The Moon. They are a Los Angeles based pop-rock band that leads me to ask for the millionth time, where were all these bands when I lived in LA?! Anyway, the more I listened to the this little four song set entitled “The Way I See”, the more impressed I was.

In my mind, their sound is a combination of Local Natives and Passion Pit, and that is an indie rock, harmony and pop sound marriage that is too beautiful to pass up. The opening ahhs of ‘Lighthouse’ drop straight into a synthesizer-studded jam built on rock solid pop sensibilities. I really hear the Passion Pit elements on ‘Out Of My Head’ which uses male-female duet vocal cues to direct the perfect summer love obsession song.

Heading a bit more in the rock direction for the track that shares a title with the EP, “The Way I See” proves that this band has chops beyond just frothy pop, with building drum solos and a spiraling climactic ending with enough tension to fill a stadium. I also really love this lyric snippet from this song: “When I look in my heart / I want to find / Memories to tell my grandchild”. This seems like such an overlooked reason to make good memories, or take risks, to pass them down to future generations. It makes me think of my grandpa and all the stories he used to tell me of when he was young and how fantastic they seemed, life was completely different then. It seems like people my age have lost sight of what we will tell not only our children, but our grandchildren as well, the stories we will have and the memories we will pass on. I love to hear a pop band dropping such a serious little gem into a track.

The last song on the EP, “The Walk”, is really different from the first three, it begins much more slowly and even though it still builds into a beautiful crescendo, the serious note is maintained throughout the build up. This song begins with “I’m on the outside looking in / Do you care if I go for a walk to find my body once again?” and swirls wonderfully around this admission, turning the song itself into part of the search for something lost.

If you’re in search of something, namely some sparkling summery tunes, look no further than Max And The Moon, they won’t disappoint.

Get to know Max And The Moon: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


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One Response to Nice To Meet You – Max And The Moon

  1. katie says:

    wow i love that snippet…. wish we could listen to every single one of these songs while driving on PCH. you are beyond brilliant my love.

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