mix tape – “i know you, you got a stereo heart”

I highly recommend vacations. They’re good for the health. I am officially back in NYC and back to blogging my little heart out. But first, here’s the second half of that mix I promised to post. I hate how time consuming it is to make this into one MP3, but I also have no desire to be sued. And it isn’t on Soundcloud this time because I used up my free minutes. Just download the MP3, track list is here. Enjoy!

“i know you, you got a stereo heart” track list
1. evident utensil – chairlift
2. naked, if i want to – cat power
3. lost weekend – tiny victories
4. we can’t be beat – the walkmen
5. emmylou – first aid kit
6. i only know – wam weather
7. 100 other lovers – devotchka
8. something fine (live) – jackson browne
9. matchstick – american royalty
10. empty threat – kathleen edwards
11. nancy from now on – father john misty
12. the creature – kurt vile
13. remote & dark years – maps & atlases
14. the wind will blow you love – little tybee
15. give out – sharon van etten
16. if it’s the beaches – the avett brothers
17. my old heart – anders osborne
18. early in the morning – james vincent mcmorrow
19. look out for my love – neil young
20. as i climb – horse’s mouth
21. sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) quaalude edit – arcade fire

Download MP3 here.


About cait

the poet reads his crooked rhyme / holy holy is his sacrament / $30 pays your rent / on bleecker street.
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One Response to mix tape – “i know you, you got a stereo heart”

  1. I love this. Thanks, Cait 🙂

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