Nice To Meet You – Harry Oakwood (Millionaire)

UK based band Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) just released an EP yesterday that already has me swooning. Although I initially was irked by their band name, after a few listens to these guys, that was the least of my concerns. The short four song EP they have created is an astonishing bit of folk rock, interspersed with plenty of honky-tonk styled piano and even some brass at different points. The rollicking journey of ‘Brothers’ posted below won me over on the first listen, and a few more plays of the other three tracks revealed their raw sound to be both raucous and endearing.

‘Brothers’ is the tale of ruckus-rousing, wild west saloon run-ins, exile and murder. As a huge fan of those who successfully turn nouns into verbs, a highlight in this track for me is the line “the rain was bucketing down”. Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) cite The Band as one of their strongest influences, and the carnivals of sound that close out this song certainly invoke the well-beloved Levon Helm & crew. Check these guys out if you’re into Fun., The Band, or other folk-rock goodness.

Get to know Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) – Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Website


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