The Corduroy Road Album Giveaway & Free Show at Rodeo Bar!

I just recently had the lovely band The Corduroy Road sent over for my consideration via the great people at Team Clermont and I couldn’t be more excited. Americana-alt country-folk bands are a great favorite of mine and these guys fit into that vein like gold in a ravine. The Corduroy Road, in all their fiddle-ridden goodness, fall into the folk/country revival that has been thankfully blanketing the music scene of late. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, their knee-slapping jams will have you itching to throw on some overalls and dance a two step. You can stream their new album “Two Step Silhouette” which was released June 19th over at their Bandcamp page. My personal favorite so far is the purely instrumental ‘Elzic’s Farewell’, it takes a good bluegrass band to make a song without lyrics that still tells a story and captures my attention, and Corduroy Road have definitely achieved that feat.

We are featuring a download of ‘Dear Odessa,’ the title track of the new record along with an album giveaway to help promote their FREE show in NYC tomorrow night at Rodeo Bar! If you live in New York City and love country and folk music Rodeo Bar is probably already a staple in your nightly concert circuit. But free music is free music so here are the details. Simply tweet at @bleeckerstbeat & @thecorduroyroad and say why you think you should win the free album. I will use my highly discerning judgment to choose a winner and will announce who it is tomorrow at 3 p.m. via twitter. The winner will get two free albums at the FREE show tomorrow night which begins at 9:30 p.m. according to the venue’s website! Those who don’t win should still head over to Rodeo Bar to check these guys out, they’re the real deal. Happy tweeting!

Download ‘Dear Odessa’ here.

Get to know The Corduroy Road: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Website


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