Heart Skips A Beat – Woods “Cali In A Cup”

Can Woods do any wrong? The answer is no, those dreamers in the band Woods, running the Woodsist label, hanging out in hippie enclaves in rural areas all over America it seems, can do absolutely no wrong in my book. Last year’s “Sun And Shade” was one of my absolute favorite records of the year. In fact you can read my thoughts about it right here. However, just when New York summer is hitting in all it’s finest sweat-drenched-everything-smells-like-shit and oh-my-god-it’s-humid glory, I have been missing Los Angeles a bit. It has also been almost a year since I’ve been there which is the longest I’ve been away from the City Of Angels since I moved there in the fall of 2006 for college. So, of course the do-no-wrongers at Woods release a gorgeous tune called “Cali In A Cup” that is not only a sampling of their upcoming record “Bend Beyond” but it also references my recent longing for California, or Cali, to dreamers. Oh and the cover art has a cool snake. Just another reason to venerate these bearded geniuses. Listen and love.

Get to know Woods: Facebook | Woodsist Twitter | Woodsist | Woodsist Soundcloud


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