Inside Beat – Spirit Family Reunion Video Premiere ‘The Night Replaced The Day’

Inside Beat will be a new feature for the site that highlights local or lesser known acts. Or bands and people that I’m friends with. You know, the real close stuff. It’s gonna be good.

Americana, it runs deep in my blood. Why? I’ll never know. Maybe it is because you can trace most of my family lineage to some Appalachian ancestors that immigrated from Scotland and Ireland and had a thing for stringed instruments. Whatever the reason, I’m in love with that bluegrass sound, and few bands have recently given me a folk fix like Spirit Family Reunion does. I recently saw them perform live at the Living Room and I was pretty enamored.

Though I missed their recent Record Release show at Mercury Lounge which was sold out and met with rave reviews, I’m happy to premiere this video of one of their finger-lickin tunes ‘The Night Replaced The Day’. The first track off their brand new record “No Separation” this song features wood cabins, preachers, prodigal daughters and plenty of harmonies, what more could a girl ask for in a folk tune? Listen, watch and love.


Oh, and their next live performance in Brooklyn is on Saturday August 4th in Prospect Park, part of the Celebrate Brooklyn series. Don’t miss it.

Get to know Spirit Family Reunion: Facebook | Website | Soundcloud | Bandcamp


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