Heart Skips A Beat – Jonas Carping’s “Underground”

Underground EPYou know those times you feel a really intense connection to someone and it seems super meaningful, not just to you, but to them too and then suddenly inexplicably they are just gone? They don’t feel that magic you felt and apparently don’t care if they ever see you again. That happened to me last month, right around the time I first heard this track from Jonas Carping’s forthcoming record All The Time In The World. I think he beautifully captures that feeling of loneliness as something that buries you, that takes you away from the open air, leaves you underground.

Also, he does this little thing with his voice at tail of end of when he sings “underground” that nips at my heart that extra heartbreak bit. Beautifully sad. Listen if you’ve ever been senselessly brushed aside by someone you trusted with your heart. Stream the rest of his initial EP “Underground” over on his Soundcloud page.

Get to know Jonas Carping: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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the poet reads his crooked rhyme / holy holy is his sacrament / $30 pays your rent / on bleecker street.
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