Heart Skips A Beat – Kissed Her Little Sister’s “I Ain’t Got A Friend”

This song. I was alerted to it by the ever wonderful Tom, editor at GoldFlakePaint, several weeks ago, but I just keep coming back to it. Los Angeles based Kissed Her Little Sister might actually be the most perfect band on earth to me, because they mixed folk with a hip-hop rhythm sensibility. But that’s not all, add a lo-fi drone, horns for days and lyrics that are actually meaningful. I’m hooked on this one.

And in the dismal days of late when I’ve felt like I haven’t had a friend, this song has been a pseudo-friend to me. Oh also they write everything in all lowercase which is my secret desire to constantly do even though I don’t do it on this blog. It has a lot to do with e.e. cummings for me. Ask me about it sometime if you’re interested. But first, go to their bandcamp page and get their whole album “Sailor” that was released just last month for free, or stream this song below. Because it is an intersection of musical sounds that will probably please your ear.


Get to know Kissed Her Little Sister: Facebook | | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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the poet reads his crooked rhyme / holy holy is his sacrament / $30 pays your rent / on bleecker street.
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