Nice To Meet You – Black Light Dinner Party

I had the pleasure of hearing Black Light Dinner Party at Glasslands last night, and what a pleasure it was. I only even went to hear my other recent electronic earworm obsession Tiny Victories, but stayed to hear BLDP (the band’s fully-formed handy-dandy acronym) at the urging of my friend Lee from Knox Road. Their live performance really impressed me, it struck just the right balance of hesitant and confident, a band trying out their wings while knowing the strength of their feathery, brilliantly styled rock.

As I had more time to peruse their tracks on Soundcloud today, I found myself listening to this incessantly catchy pop-rock with new respect. Maybe part of the reason Black Light Dinner Party strikes such a chord with me is because they waited until they were really ready to go public. Up until a few weeks ago, the band was practically ungoogleable. (Yes, that’s a word, the dictionary told me so) With serious reasons for this, which you can find out if you read their recent interview with Interview magazine. Last night’s show was actually their first performance in Brooklyn, hopefully to be followed by many more.

Give me a few more spins of their songs and I could probably put together something a little more intricate, but I don’t want to wait that long, I want people to hear this band now. From the first 8 seconds of underwater synth noise of “Leave It All”, the track bursts into a rock and synth driven impossibly head-bopping beauty. That’s all it took, BLDP had sucked me in. Can’t forget to mention the Christmas light blinking chimes on the in-between section of the verses and the chorus. This effect alone makes this song worth listening to. I’ve already listened to it 14 times today so I’ll leave it at that. Don’t tell me you can’t imagine putting this on during your summer parties, because even if you can’t imagine it now, I guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in a few weeks perhaps even days, from now. These guys are the real thing.

(Oh and on a personal note, Jack is dating this really cute girl named Tatum that I work with at DuMont, so I can say I knew him before I loved his music, something I rarely get to say.)

Get to know Black Light Dinner Party: Facebook | TwitterWebsite

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